get to know me meme: [3/5] female characters
fiona gallagher

i’m so sorry i haven’t gotten to the asks about icons! I’m just waiting on my laptop to come back home because i hate editing on my old one and icons never come out right :((( i apologize. 

this trend just started like a day or two ago and now it’s being overused.

these color palette edits are getting on my nerves. i’ve seen over a hundred on my dash today…

y’all should give me things to gif

Anonymous asked: you dont like miley? can we be bff's plz

I respect her. I just don’t like the way she acts. I mean I know she’s trying to be a new person saying this is her but this isn’t the miley I grew up knowing. All I want her to do is calm down a bit, grow her hair back and keep her tongue in her mouth. lmfao i got hate last time for speaking my opinion about her so go ahead people, unfollow me or whatever.